The Power of Art in Recovery, Art therapy, Recreational Therapy, Art Therapy for seniors, Recreational Therapy for seniors

The Power of Art in Recovery

Here at Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health, we work with seniors to address issues of depression, agitation, prolonged grief, disordered thinking, and more. A key component of our multifaceted treatment program is recreational therapy, a type of interactive therapy that can include movement, games, and exercise as well as creative pursuits like dance, writing, music, drama, …

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Seniors & Self-Harm, What is Self-Harm?, Why do People Self-Harm?, Older Adults at Risk, Signs of Self-Harm in Older Adults, Self-harm

Seniors & Self-Harm

When we think of self-harm, we may think of teenage girls engaging in behaviors like cutting or burning themselves, and it’s true that self-harm usually begins during these years and that rates of self-harm are highest among this group.   However, self-harm can occur at any age, and recent attention has been brought to the self-harm …

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What Is Substance Use Disorder Treatment, and Who Would Benefit Most from It?

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex condition where a person has uncontrolled use of substances — either drugs or alcohol — despite experiencing harmful consequences and significant impairment, such as health problems and failure to meet daily responsibilities. Chances are good you or someone you love has SUD because the CDC reports that one …

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