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Innovative facility committed to providing behavioral health services

Our Mission

Improve the lives we touch

Raleigh Oaks is a new and innovative facility committed to providing behavioral health services to adults, and our aging populations through psychiatric and medical assessment, followed by a treatment process that uniquely encourages patients to participate in their care through what we call a Passport for Hope. Over time we will be expanding our services to offer programming to support children and teens.

Welcome to Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health!

Welcome to Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health! We are a new inpatient facility serving the Triangle region providing comprehensive treatment. Our unique design allows for smaller units focused on specialized services. We want YOU to be an invested partner in your care.

We don’t give up.
Neither should you.

What has traditionally been called mental illness has a far greater impact in our lives than was once thought. We now know that at any given time, one in five Americans has a mental health diagnosis and over our lifetimes, over 40 percent of us will receive one. Covid and the associated isolation has not helped.

The good news is we have better treatments now. It is time to take care of our minds and bodies in the same way we would take care of diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other conditions that affect our health. Since mental health and physical health are really one in the same and our brain is our master control center, working on our brain helps our bodies!

As a family therapist, I also believe in involving and helping develop healthy support systems. At Raleigh Oaks, you will create a unique treatment plan called a Passport for Hope. This will help you own your plan, and you can take it with you after discharge. This can also help you gain support from others. Your team will explain the process and help you get started on day one.

We look forward to being part of your journey into improved health and to increasing your awareness about wellness from a whole different angle.

On behalf of our clinical team, I thank you for choosing us to help you along your Path to Hope. You are the reason we are here, and the reason we are so committed to what we do.

Sally Anne Schneider
Sally Anne Schneider, MS
Chief Executive Officer

We embrace a team approach with our patients that inspires active participation through what we call a Passport for Hope. 

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