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Raleigh Oaks is a new and innovative facility committed to providing behavioral health services to adolescents, adults, and our aging populations through psychiatric and medical assessment, followed by a treatment process that uniquely encourages patients to participate in their care through what we call a Passport for Hope. Over time we will be expanding our services to offer programming to support children and teens.

Who We Help

We are excited and are building an expert team from the ground up to provide dedicated services to the Raleigh region in conjunction with community needs.


We are committed to engaging community support in a patient’s treatment. We currently serve adults with depression, anxiety, or complicated grief issues, but our services will expand over time to support women with complicated trauma, military families, and other needs brought forward by our community.


We now offer care for seniors through our Bridges and Legacy programs, designed to support caregivers in assisted living communities and to help patients organize their long-term memories as a gift to their families. The Senior Adult Program is designed to support aging adults who are experiencing acute symptoms of psychiatric disorders or emotional illness. Patients may be struggling with mental health disorders and/or substance use or dependence.

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