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Our Mission

We hope that by providing quality data, our customers can see that we live up to our mission of improving the lives we touch. We are proud of the quality services that we provide. We are also required, as are all hospitals in the US, to provide our community with charge data, in an effort to provide price transparency. While reviewing charge data, it is important to remember that any charges that are reflected here are similar to the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” that we all see when we purchase items in our lives. Provider Participation Agreements with insurers provide an actual cost to the payer and consumer. You should work with your insurer to identify your costs due to co-pays and deductibles in your selected plan.

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Join Our Alumni Program

Raleigh Oaks is proud to provide an alumni program that connects people who have left our treatment facility. We offer twice-weekly meetings and even our CaredFor app to keep our alumni connected. This makes it easy to find the community and resources you need in your ongoing recovery.

Check Out Our Blog

Our blog covers everything from the psychology and ins and outs of addiction to helpful tips that will help you through the recovery process. We’re always posting our personal stories, cutting-edge research and treatments, and news from Raleigh Oaks.

Attend Our Events

We’d love to have you attend one of our upcoming events! View our event calendar and see what’s coming up. This is a great way to engage with recovering addicts like you right here in your community. Our events, held right here at Raleigh Oaks, give you an opportunity to grow your support system, network, and gain valuable knowledge and insights.

We are in this for the long Haul.

we are here to support you in and out of recovery.
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