What to Expect at Raleigh Oaks

If you or someone you know may need our assistance, we are here to help. Upon arrival at Raleigh Oaks, our team will complete a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to begin the treatment process. Within 24 hours a psychiatric provider will work with our team and the individual to develop a treatment plan and path to recovery. The treatment plan will include participation in group therapy sessions as well as recreational activities that are tailored to the goals of the individual and their recovery.

Each day there is a structured schedule that provides a safe and therapeutic environment for the individual. Our team also focuses on coordinating an organized discharge plan that helps patients transition to the healthiest setting once they have completed their inpatient care.

What to Bring

Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health will supply essentials such as hygiene products and can accommodate certain requests if appropriate. 

Patients can bring three shirts, three pants, and three undergarments to the unit. 

Other belongings will be inventoried and kept safe for the duration of the patient’s stay. Items that are not allowed on the unit include 

  • combs,
  • razors,
  • nail kits,
  • glass items,
  • belts,
  • scarves,
  • other items that may be deemed unsafe.



Understanding the necessity of a positive support system, patients will have the opportunity to visit with loved ones while in our care during our visitation time.

Approved visitors can come during visitation hours from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. We typically do not allow more than two visitors at a time.